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Date Rush Awards: Raymond didn't get any awards yesterday. Check out for more details.

Sometimes the real motive of any steps one takes really matters a lot.

Raymond mounted on the stage of the date rush show to find love and which of course he had a stunning lady Cecilia to go on a date with but that wasn't his main intentions of going on the date rush show.

In fact Raymond was immediately spotted because of his cute personality - very handsome.

Along the line Raymond actually became one of the people's favorite after appearing on the date rush show.

But the huge cheering towards him backslided when he started flirting with almost all the beautiful ladies on the show by neglecting his date he chose on the show.

So upon doing that people's appetite for him reduced because he was seen as one of those people who go on the date rush show just for the fame aspect of it.

Yes that is a fact Raymond actually went on the date rush show just to trend and also be recognized more on social media inorder for him to boost his YouTube account since he's a YouTuber.

Had it not been his wrong motive on the show - the trending aspects he would have won many Awards on the date rush viewers choice Awards yesterday most especially the couple of the season because he and Cecilia are really a perfect match.

The other categories Raymond could have won also were the Freshest Male and the Most Trended Male on the show but because he wasn't on the show for a genuine love he actually didn't go home with any Awards.

Raymond's freshness and charming look actually yielding him with no Awards because the Viewers of the date rush show indeed voted wisely.

So therefore I would love to take this great opportunity to tell every single individual out there who is ever ready to go on the date rush show on next season to look for love to ever go there with a genuine motive because the date rush show is actually for real.

Date Rush everyone deserves love.

Content created and supplied by: Scarletbuggarti (via Opera News )

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