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Flashback: God told me to go for the Buttocks - Gospel musician Brother Sammy

Men as God's creature have so many fantasies and realities. These are sometimes easily controllable while some others difficult to control. Butt or ass or booty of women is one area that could kill men.

Gospel musician, Brother Sammy has once disclosed publicly that he chose his wife because of her buttocks. Currently, most males consider the size of the buttocks when choosing a lady. If not the size, then the body figure it shape of the lady. Thus it isn't surprising brother sammy opened up on his inner desires.

He narrated how he went to a program and saw this pretty lady who came to attend to him as a guest. I went to a program in Kumasi and the pastor told her to come and serve me. When she came and I saw her buttocks, God told me HEY MY SON, THIS BUTTOCKS IS FOR YOU and I said FATHER, I GRAB IT IN THE NAME OF JESUS.

God knew his heartily desires and therefore gave him what he wanted, provided his account of what happened was true. Many men desire big butts though overly bite-sized butt is a no go area for some of them. Many prefer soft buttocks to hard ones but as long as the shape is good, a butt is a butt.

Not only is bro Sammy a victim, a popular pastor in Kumasi in the person of Prophet Opambour has disclosed countless times on his television as to how the booty shape of a woman could get her a husband. Another pastor in Accra, reverend Obofour has also been in the news countless times teasing females who were envious of other females' buttocks.

Buttocks is a cherishable asset if late. It has overcome the position of beauty. At first, men sought for beautiful women to marry but currently, the butt is of prominence when character is right. If something must kill a man, then it has to be the buttocks of women.

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