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Top 5 Movies in the first Quarter of 2021

Movies are means of Entertainment for everyone on this earth. Movies serves to motivate, inspire and also teaches us alot ranging from the stories in the movie to the Characters being used in the Movie.

There are lots of movies being released in every year, the movies including romance, action, adventure and more many.

This year a lot of movies have been released and some of them are top tiers and talked about in this nation.

Movies serve as a source of entertainment for everyone, enjoying movies should be our day to day activity if we are bored. When you are bored, you should watch some movies to stimulate your day.

The top fives movies include;

1. Nobody

2. Last call

3. Wrath of a Man

4. Godzilla Vs Kingkong

5. A quite Place.

Please if you haven't watched them grab a chilled Coke and Popcorn 🍿 and enjoy.

Comment any movie you watched that is interesting.

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