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Everyone has a side garden:Rev. Obofour advises married men on how to wisely treat side chicks-Video

Rev. Obofour is one of the pastors who without doubt sometimes provokes thoughts; sometimes by a controversial statement he may have made. One of such statements is what was said at the wedding reception of his junior pastors; Romeo.

Rev. Obofour said that everyone has a side garden where he takes certain ingredients but one has to do things wisely. He said that if a man was cheating on his wife, he had to be very smart about it so that the wife will not find out and die from BP. He said if a man's girlfriend was called Linda he could save the name as Land Guards. He said men have to love and respect their wives so that they do not find certain things out which might wreck their marriages. Rev. Obofour said no man is holy. He said that any man that approached him and told him that he was 100% holy, he will not believe it. This is why people or married men must attach wisdom to how they treat side chicks so that their marriages will not break.

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Kindly click on the video to watch Rev. Obofour advise men at the wedding reception.

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