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What is your excuse? See the kind of work that a man who is having only one hand can do

A young man who is having only one hand has shown people that being a handicapped person is not the end of your life. He has created his own career and also taught himself that he can do anything as long as wants to do it. This young man whose name was not disclosed was happy about his work and he pushes his wheelbarrow with confidence.

Amama Benn Benedict who is a Linkedin user posted a few pictures of the man and he praised the man on how he was confident and happy doing his job. The man was wearing his usual shirt and trousers and he was happily pushing his wheelbarrow with his one hand that has about 10 jerricans in it and a young girl too was sitting on it under the scorching sun and he was not minding the weight of the jerricans. Amama saw it to be inspiring. And he wrote this to asked people that "What is your excuse".

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