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I used to carry coffin on my head to the cemetery that was my job-Kofi Jamar

Life is a process you have to hustle today and enjoy tomorrow. Kofi Jamar is a good musician and he is a bantama boy in Kumasi. Kofi had an interview with Kwaku Manu on aggressive Tv and he had to tell how life was before music. Kofi Jamar's real name is Osei Kuffour Prempeh Derrick and he said Jamar is not his name but he got it from a rapper he was following from the U.S.A.This Jamar was an upcoming artist and he always rap and preach about the truth and I love that. Jamar means Happy and healthy in India.

I stopped school after senior high school because I wanted to do music and I have a passion for doing music. After senior high, I had to cater for myself so j worked with a funeral service. My parent never knew the type of job I was doing and they never found out that I was part of a funeral service. My job was to carry the coffin to the cemetery that was my job. He was asked if they dance with the coffin and he said "If you tried to dance with it you will get slapped". I was 19years old when I started carrying the coffin to the cemetery. After that, I did some security job but a lot of people didn't know because I pack my uniform in my bag and when I reach there then I wear my uniform to start working.

Though I had one hit song in Kumasi still I was a security man and people were making fun of me sometimes. I stopped the security after I get the money to start my music career. Through the Kumerica vibes then I became more popular with my song" Ekorso".This song made a lot of people heard about me and it was a blessing to me. Even though I knew that I will be a star on the day but didn't know it was now.

Kofi Jamar's story has encouraged a lot of people and they also dropped some comments. As you can see from the comment above one guy is saying hustle today, and enjoy a good life tomorrow. Never give up on whatever you are doing in your life because life is time. So just wait for your time to shine and Don't ever give up and God will bless your hustle.

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