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Funny moments and the short stories that will make you laugh louder

Chris Farley is an absolute legend in my book (or “Lejund” as his family would spell it). To this day I still don’t know of a comedic actor who had such an explosive presence every time he stepped foot in front of a camera. The man was a hurricane. A force of nature. And despite his excessive girth and Falstaffian body type, Chris was able to bring an incredible amount of physicality to his comedy.

So I thought I should take a moment to showcase some of my favorite physically gifted moments of Farley’s from both film and television over the years…


Quickly, it only seems appropriate to first give a quick shoutout back to the first Falstaffian SNL graduate who brought raw energy to the silver screen. John Belushi was also a man who could dance you off the stage, slip & fall and rebound like a cat, or even cartwheel his way down a church aisle after “seeing the light.”

Interestingly, Farley’s idol growing up was Belushi and you can certainly see how the former had a huge impact on the latter’s life work.

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