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He Told Me They Prepare Food With Lizard's Tail To Discipline Their Unfaithful Husbands

Infidelity is a serious issue in a marriage. God even frowns on that. But in our modern society, we take it as something normal. Marriage men and women love to seek extramarital affairs for various reasons.

Well, let me tell you about how I got to know about the secret discipline action of some women against their husbands. 

It was one morning when I met a certain man from Zimbabwe. He together with other African diplomats came to lodge at one big Hotel here in Ghana for a conference.

It was early morning and as this man passes by me; he sees a lizard. Drawing my attention to the reptile; we started having a conversation. I told him they are very common here in Ghana.

This man revealed a jaw-dropping secret about the use of Lizard tails to me. He told me, in his country(Zimbabwe) some women use Lizard tails together with some leaves, roots, tree backs, etc to prepare food for their unfaithful husbands so that they can stay at home.

They call this traditional concoction "Love Potions" and the craziest effects can make the husband move around the house like a lizard several times.

The women buy this concoction from traditional medicine men called "nangas." Women who have used it testify to its efficacious results. That charm has drawn the attention of many women in the country.

It is so hard to understand how some African women will go that extent to save their marriages or punish their husbands by using such kind of concoction. I quickly got worried about possible health problems.

This man I'm talking about taught me that women could be dangerous, so we should fear them. I was glad to learn something mysterious and helpful that day.

I remembered myself when I had a girlfriend from Zimbabwe called Rita. Haha, she told me her tradition requires a man to pay for the price of 7 cows as the "bride price" before the family will agree to endorse the marriage.

After the payment, the woman officially becomes yours. That custom of her country was pleasing to me. But unfortunately, we broke up...

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