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Ras Neene praised for rescuing Kumawood

For his tremendous effort to keep the Kumawood comedy industry shining, Ghanaians have showered praise on comic actor Ras Nenee also known as Likee. He is currently the king of skits in the country, without any slight shake of doubt, as he continues to bring excitement to the face of Ghanaians living in Ghana and abroad.

He held the mantle with his other colleagues, who are also still in the business of releasing these short films, in recent years after the Kumawood movie industry took a nose dive.

Most directors, producers, actors and actresses from Kumawood have shared various views on the cause of the collapse of what used to be a very vibrant industry.

Many regarded Dumsor as a major trigger, while others argue that the restoration of the market for Kejetia separated the bridge between marketers and film producers that led to the collapse.

Others also claim that the proliferation of android phones in Ghana led significantly to the fall because people who used these android phones started downloading and watching movies with their phones that impacted the CD's patronage.

To showcase their talents, many actors and actors then moved to YouTube and other video platforms, and Ras Nenee is an instance.

He has been widely praised today on social media and on the streets, homes, offices etc. for his role in bringing some brilliance to local movies.

Ras Neene began his film career as an antagonist with a strange character, with directors not understanding he had another secret comedy talent.

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