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The best duo Ghanaians have ever seen in the movie industry

The Ghana movie industry is known for entertaining Ghanaians by bringing out creative and educative movies. This article of mine is about a sub branch of the Ghana movie industry known as Kumawood.

Kumawood is situated in Kumasi which is found in the Ashanti region of Ghana. They have produced many movies and have entertained the citizens of Ghana from time immemorial.

in this article I am going to share with him the best deals which have ever happened in Kumawood. The pair between these guys was so astounding that Ghanaians couldn't resist their antics. Relax grab a popcorn and have a look at them.

1. Santo and Judas

Obviously the first duo I'm going to make mention is certainly John Evans Kwadwo Bosompem who was popularly known as Santo and Tweneboah Koduah who was known in the show business as Abusuapanin Judas.

These two guys started entertaining Ghanaians during the key soap concert party times through to acting movies and you couldn't resist their funny nature. The facial expression of Santo alone could trigger laughter and for Judas, his insults would make you cry.

Unfortunately for us, we couldn't enjoy their pair for long, Santo lost his life in the year 2002. May his gentle soul rest in peace


2. Lilwin and Kwaku Manu

Talk about creativity, these guys are way up high. They are very hilarious and Ghanaians couldn't stop talking about their pair. Watching them would make your ribs ache because whenever one makes you laugh, the other does another hilarious thing which will get you on the ground.

Looking at them makes me know there is fine and unadulterated talent in many people around the country. Sadly, their pair is no more working due to one or two reasons. I hope they solve their differences out and get back to entertaining Ghanaians.


3. Kyeiwaa and Asabea

Most of us know them as Kyeiwaa and Asabea but their real names are Rose Mensah and Mercy Asiedu.

Whenever you saw these two women working against a certain person in a movie, you just knew the person was going to struggle. These two women could really play evil roles without making a mistake. When it came to aggressiveness, they were there. When it came to wickedness, they were also there.

As a kid, I hated them but I finally realized it wasn't their fault, that was the role given to them by the directors and they had to do justice to it.


4. Maame Serwaa and Yaa Jackson

These two girls started acting at a very young age and at a point Ghanaians were even thinking they were sisters. he had perfected their acting skills at a younger age and we're giving Ghanaians amazing scenes.

The only problem I had concerning them were the roles were usually given. they were very young at that time and hence you would expect the directors to give them any other roles than roles depicting witchcraft. Well, they still perfected those roles.

Unfortunately for us, we might not be seeing them play a role together because Yaa Jackson is no longer into movies. I hope she re-considers acting one more time.


5. Yaw Dabo and Kompany

The real names of these cute guys are Yaw Dabo and Mohammed Boniface. They have been in Kumawood for quite a while and they can really worry. Whenever you see them in a movie, just know someone was going to be tensed.

Both of them are diminutive actors but they didn't give up they knew they had the talent and had to go all out for what their heart desired. Have you ever heard of creativity? Look no more this is creativity right before your eyes


Did I omit any duo which you think deserved the list? You can make me know in the comment section and which of these duo do you think was the best? Don't forget to like and follow for more interesting topics.

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