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Africa must rise: Okyeame Kwame on the USA – Haitians’ deportation

Ghana’s respected and celebrated rapper, Okyeame Kwame has urged Africa to rise amid the incidence of deportation fated Haitians who run into the US to seek refuge.

As of yesterday, a large number of citizens from the Caribbean country were deported. “They chained me like a slave,” one deportee said. Making the situation worse, photos circulated that showed how US officers patrolling the US-Mexico border were manhandling the victims.

Some were whipped by horse-mounted officers. The weird images drew minds towards the history of slavery and the US’s harsh treatment of black people or Africans. Meanwhile, the USA has plans to double the number of deportees in an upcoming operation.

Many people including Americans have complained bitterly about the ordeal faced by the blacks. Especially, the mounted-horses whites whipping blacks’ incident.

“That’s exactly what it is. It’s horrible, and it’s pure evil,” Angela Byrd, an African-American resident of Washington DC, told BBC News. “It’s very disheartening, because of the historical connections that we – whether it be Haitians, Cubans or African Americans – have with a man, on a horse, with a whip.”

Adding his voice to the matter, Okyeame Kwame has shown he doesn’t have worries over the deportation. However, his worry is that Africa in this age is not able to save other blacks who are suffering from inhumane treatment from whites.

“This picture made me cry, not because USA is deporting Haitians who are running from natural disasters and political strive. What saddens my heart is Africa at this moment should be able to go to Haiti and provide a safety net for our brothers and sisters. “

We must rise oooooooooo Africa! We must rise. #haiti Haiti should be running to Africa on free flights provided by AU.”

The poorest nation in the Western hemisphere is already dealing with unbearable crises. This includes the effect of a deadly presidential assassination, deadly earthquake, deteriorating food security issues among others. So apparently, the country has limited resources to welcome the deportees.


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