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Memories: How Ghanaian use to watch black and white Television (TV)

Hi lovely people am hope you people are doing well, am back again with other article,which talks about the olden days when Ghanaian use to watch black and white Television.

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In those days it was not, easy to afford a black and white Television,and also most of the richest, in the community can afford,or video centers which you, have to pay before you can watch.

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Before you even get the chance to watch some of the black and white Television,if your parents were not able to afford it,you have to watch it through, widows from a tenant or landlord who was able to afford it,also there were so many rules before you can watch.

Some will tell you to go and bath, and brush your teeth before you, can enter their room to watch, with a lot of people inside the room.

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