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It Cost A Lot To Brand One's Self, However The Industry Doesn't Pay. Meet Actor Achieva Evans.

We get to meet and know more about an all round Entertainer and Enterpreneur Achieva Evans.

Read Interview Below;

ZA: Tell us a bit about yourself, where you were born and grew up!

AE: My Name is Achieva Evans and I’m an Actor, Professional MC, Voice Over Artist, Commercial Model and An Estate Broker. Was born in Accra, Darkuman and grew in Darkuman, Osu, Madina, Ashaley Botwe & East Legon.

ZA: Which schools did you attend and how was growing up for you?

AE: Growing up wasn't an easy one for me. Went to soo many schools when I was a kid, some I don't even remember. I attended Faith Community Baptist School (SHS), Accra Technical University and Ghana Institute of Management And Public Administration (GIMPA).

ZA: Is acting/entertainment something you have always wanted to do or it came along the way?

AE: Yes it has always been what I wanted to do.

ZA: Which was your first feature film/work and how did you eventually land that role?

AE: Intimate Spy and it was through an audition.

ZA: Would you say acting/entertainment has been rewarding since entering into that industry and what are some of the challenges you have faced in your career and how has it shaped you?

AE: Oh yes I have never regretted being in the entertainment industry.

The Industry don’t pay as some people believe. Sometimes you have to act like everything is okay and it really cost a lot in branding one's self amongst many challenges in the industry. However it has shaped me and opened me up to becoming confident and have also met prominent people with the job I do.

ZA: What drives/motivates you?

AE: Am a self motivator but also when people acknowledge my good work, it drives me to do more.

ZA: Aside the many things you do in entertainment/media, you are also an entrepreneur into real estate. Tell us about that aspect of you.

AE: Yes am a Real Estate Broker. The name is Achieva Evans Properties and we assist in selling housing properties for The Real Estate companies.

ZA: What are some of the films/series/productions you have featured in and brands you have worked with as a model?

AE: I have starred in a number of series including Yvonne Nelson's Heels And Sneakers, Coco Brown, Sunshine Avenue, Shampaign, Till Sunset and many others.

Have also featured in movies, Intimate Spy, Sincity, Redemption and more with many commercials to my credit as a model.

ZA: As someone in entertainment, how did the Covid Pandemic affect you and what is your view on the impact of the pandemic on the entertainment industry?

AE: COVID affected every one in the industry including myself in diverse ways to include no premiering and showing of movies in the cinemas. There was also no new jobs coming up because everyone was afraid of getting the virus and because of social distance we were home which ended up on one becoming unemployed, though things have eased up a bit from that time.

ZA: What next, any projects you are working on?

AE: Yes I have A couple of projects I’m working on and putting my brand in shape.

ZA: What are your hobbies?

AE: I love football, reading, swimming and researching on new things to be ahead.

ZA: What's your advice for anyone especially young people striving to achieve their dreams?

AE: They should work hard, focus on building positive relationships, make money, eschew hatred and envy, and not compete with anyone.

You can follow Actor Achieva Evans on his social media handles below to catch up with his activities.

Instagram: @achievaevans

Twitter: @achievaevans

Facebook: Achieva Evans 

Snap: @achievaone

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Accra Achieva Evans


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