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The man with the longest nose in the world

It has been classified on the word and confirm that this man is the man with the longest nose in the world because the measurement of his nose is 3.46 . He is the only man with the longest nose in the world this man is no a person who used to blame God for his nose or his living creature even though people see him to look different with them but he still okay on his own. He's always happy and proud of himself how many peoples are happy to have him around them not even only his family but the whole world.

This man has received many awards in the world as the longest nose man in the worldwhich make him feel good to be with people and people are always happy to have him also around themselves. He took late and enjoy himself anytime he is in the mess of people.

Many peoples are there with different created part of the body which some feel sad of having people like them and some people even used to blame God of giving them such people or creating them different from others.

But this man is always happy and hard-working which God bless him every time.

Don't blame God of making you the way you are He know the reason of making you like this and you will one day be blessed by His holy name.

That is his joyful picture

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