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"Stop playing with our minds, we’re not kids": Fans caution Date rush male contestants

It is clearly evident that some of the guys that come on the Date Rush show, do so to gain popularity and clout and not necessarily to get a female partner to have a relationship with, and this is slowly going against the show and its producers as well.

After anticipating an exhilarating and fun show to watch, many were left in a state of bewilderment and confusion after the unfolding of events yesterday. Rockson and Ima were the personalities who stole the show and got many talking after how they performed yesterday. People described them as “playing with the minds of the ladies", since their demeanour proved so. This was because, it was obvious that the manner in which they expressed their interest in the ladies that mounted the platform, especially Noella, it was obvious they were not taking her seriously but rather wanted to get it done and over with in getting a date.

Prior to episode 8, these two gentlemen claimed they had “specs" they were looking out for in their potential partners and this made many compare Noella to these so-called “specs" and this drew the conclusion that the gentlemen were just playing with our minds. This is what many are unhappy with because, once you realize a choice wouldn’t suit you, don’t bother wasting the other’s time and effort just because you’ve tried and it’s not working so you can just settle for anything. Sammy(a.k.a Nana Ama) realised this and politely turned Noella down, and he won the respect of many. 

The same gentlemen who cried tears and sweat quickly switched their hearts to fall for Frema in an instant and this went on to make the presumption that these men were playing with our minds concrete. What do you make of this?.

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