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See What Was Seen In This Yoruba Man's Waist At The Airport, That Stirred Reactions Online (Photos)

Apparently, the Yoruba have almost forgotten their cultural way of life and traditions that were passed on to them as a legacy from their ancestors. Due to the country's growing insecurity, some Yoruba people are now discovering the use of some of these sacred talismans.

This photo tells of a Yoruba man trying to secure his luggage in a collapsed position while a white man stands in front of the entrance.

While this Yoruba man was in a hunched position, we discovered that he was wearing a talisman (dwarf) around his waist, which caused an online reaction.


Some believe that protecting yourself from evil is a mantra, while others say that you are a witch doctor and that your motive for wearing it is hidden. Look at the reactions of many people.

Studies show that the charms that the Yoruba carry are what Yoruba people usually call IGBAADI or Banten, the charms worn on the cross as protection from evil occurrences. What I do know is this man is just trying to protect himself from evil regardless of religion, culture or tradition we all believe there is a man looking down from heaven.

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