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Why Hajia Bintu Declined In Popularity

Celebrities come and go, however, because we are in the age of digitization, people who become famous quickly, lose that popularity very fast as well.

Hajia Bintu is one of the personalities in Ghana who gained fame at a fast pace and lost her popularity and influence just as quickly.

The Rise of Hajia Bintu alongside Tiktok

Before Tiktok gained popularity, it was hard for ladies such as Hajia Bintu to gain popularity. To gain popularity one either had to be in the entertainment industry such as being an actress or musician. Entering the entertainment industry also had a huge barrier of entry as one had to have lots of talent, money, and connections to attempt to enter.

However, when Tiktok emerged, anyone could easily become popular with little to no effort. Individuals who started posting on that platform became popular not because they were so talented but because they were the first to arrive. Hajia Bintu was one of the Ghanaians to arrive early on the platform. She also had a feature that would make her go even more viral and that was her curvaceous body. She had the body which many men were attracted to and which many women were envious of.

Video: Compilation of Hajia Bintu Showing Her Rise

Hajia Bintu knowing that her physical features were her "biggest" assets made sure to put them to good use in almost all of her tiktok videos. The majority of her videos involved her performing average dance moves and then turning her back to the camera to shake her "goodies".

Hajia Grabs the Attention of Celebrities

Eventually, Hajia Bintu would grab the attention of A-list celebrities who would use her name in their songs eulogizing her. Medikal for instance used her name when dissing his rivals by stating that they don't have money enough to approach a lady like Hajia Bintu.

Her fame will go to new heights when Shatta wale made a song entirely dedicated to her and about her. The song was titled "Hajia Bintu".

Ghanaians Become Fed up with Hajia Bintu

As the saying goes, Familiarity breeds contempt. Eventually, Ghanaians grew tired of the type of content Hajia Bintu was always posting. They knew that anytime her video popped up on their feed she is eventually going to turn around and shake her "goodies". Many thus started trolling her asking what other content does she have besides shaking her bum.

Hajia Bintu and her Failed Biscuit Ad

As her popularity grew, she became an influencer of sought and accepted to be in a biscuit commercial. The commercial was however not correctly executed as many Ghanaians trolled her for it, mainly because she was turning her backside to the camera as she normally does. Many Ghanaians were also underwhelmed with the eloquence of Hajia Bintu as they had a higher expectation of what she would sound like.

In conclusion, Hajia Bintu like many other celebrities and influencers has faded from the public eye. However, her decline in popularity was mainly attributable to her lack of anything to offer other than the assets behind her and building her entire personality and content around that.

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