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Thursday (3rd June, 2021) update on telenovela The Good son, episode 64.

It begun with Calvin telling Alfonso that his mother(Olivia) had nothing to do with Victor’s death so he asked him if he knew the person behind it. Calvin got mad and started screaming that Olivia was innocent. Olivia came in with her lawyer and asked that they leave Calvin alone. He wanted to take her home but Alfonso refused saying that he came there by himself and confessed so they could not let him go. Olivia however told him that Calvin had a condition so whatever he had said was not true. She explained that he had Schizophrenia so he couldn’t differentiate what was right from wrong. 

Alfonso decided to detain Calvin for the night but Olivia asked him to consider Calvin’s condition so they gave him a separate cell. He also said that Calvin had to prove his innocence in court. They could not post Calvin’s bail because it was late and couldn’t be processed so Calvin stayed in jail. 

Anthony went to see how Calvin was doing and Calvin asked him if he was upset with him since he was not even related to him. Anthony said he still considered Calvin his family even if they were not blood related. 

Raquel talked to Obet about Arthur and asked him not to let his father disturb him anymore. Although Obet was upset with Arthur as well, he told Raquel that he had helped his father out of his own will. He added that he no longer felt as part of the family since they seemed okay without him. 

Joseph talked to Obet too about setting up Raquel to go out with Arthur. Obet told Joseph that he would have done the same for his father as well. Joseph however said that they should protect Raquel first and protect her life they had always done. 

The following morning, Anthony called Joseph to tell him that Calvin had confessed to being Dado’s son and that he was with him the night Colmenares was killed. Joseph told his family about it and Obet realized that they all knew since neither of them was surprised with the news. He took offense and Joseph explained that they were trying to protect Anthony since he had performed a DNA test illegally. 

Joseph went with Hazel to visit Calvin but Enzo stopped them and asked that they give him some space since he was still shaken from what happened. 

Olivia was able to post Calvin’s bail and they took him home. Enzo wanted to confirm that Calvin really didn’t do anything and was only there to steal the recording since he was worried about Joseph again. Olivia told him that they had to do everything to keep Joseph away from Calvin so that he would not interrogate him. The lawyer told Olivia that they could get Calvin’s charges dropped and his mental condition was the best defense they had so they had to use it.

The police went to see Dado and told him that Calvin had already confessed to being with him the night that he killed Colmenares. They intended to make him confess that Calvin was his accomplice but Dado refused to say anything. 

Obet went to see Arthur and told him to give up on Raquel since everyone was upset with him. When he was there, Arthur received a restraining order to stay away from Raquel which made him furious. He went to see Anthony and threatened to kill him for taking Raquel from him but Anthony had the security drag him out. 

Obet made the decision to leave the house and stay with Arthur since he was alone. Raquel did not want to let him go but Matias told him it was okay since Obet would be able to learn from the decision he had made. Raquel therefore let him go and Obet went to stay with Arthur.

Dado planned on escaping from prison and they made a successful escape that evening. The other inmates fled from Manila but Dado said he had to stay since he needed to take care of something. 

The following day, the news of Dado’s escape were everywhere so the police assigned people to protect Emma and Hazel. Joseph also learnt about the news so he and his family sort to be careful since he might come after them. They were especially worried about Obet since he was no longer at the house.

Romeo went to see Olivia to tell her about it and ask if she knew anything since Dado had used her properties to hide the previous time. Olivia denied knowing anything and refused to accept the police’s protection. 

Calvin overheard them and was worried that Dado would come after him since he had confessed everything to the police. Olivia however asked him not to worry saying that Dado would not hurt him.

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