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Johnie Hughes Hot As GMB 2021 1st Runner Up Boldly Turns Down TV3's Offer.

In a link attached to this article, Johnie Hughes and his morning show crew found themselves wanting as they had to forcibly improvise the absence of Setor. You don't need to be told that they were really hot and in a tight corner to quickly improvise.

His show was supposed to run with Setor's live appearance. However, few minutes to the live show, Setor refused to show up let alone be interviewed by Johnie Hughes.

The Volta Regional representative for TV3 Ghana's Most Beautiful Doctor Setor boldly turned down an interview offer from TV3. Setor, Sarfowa and Manu were billed to be interviewed by Johnie Hughes on TV3 New Day Show.

Johnie Hughes had to quickly change the interview into advise segment for the girls.

As usual, the host would have explained Setor's absence. However, no reason was given as the interview continued with the two.

Setor and her handler's have also been quiet over why they refused to honor TV3's invitation. We are hoping for a live interaction with Setor on social media to break her silence.

Although Setor was number one on the GMB voting chart, Judges refused to give her the crown without any explanation. Perhaps they were looking for more than votes. So why demand votes ?

Why should we waste over 2 billion old Cedis for nothing? Before you judge Setor, tell the whole world why Sarfowa hugged all the GMB Contestants on stage and excluded Setor alone. And nobody at TV3 condemned that arrogance of feud.

Setor is human. She wasn't treated well. If wishes were horses, I would have wished that Setor throws that crown in the face of TV3.

Check out the video below as Johnie Hughes turned his Interview into preaching.

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