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Watch and read as footballers around the world celebrate the festive season

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Dozens of the games biggest names has shared pictures of their celebration of the festive seasons. Christmas has arrived ones again and just like any other person, the big names in the football world are celebrating the holidays with friends and families and their loved ones.

Christmas was anticipated to not be a good one consequently for the on going Corona pandemic continuing globally. Several of football stars had taken to social media to showcase their style and ways of celebrating the holidays.

From the likes of Kylian Mbappe to Christiano Ronaldo etc. there were a lot of love expressed in the process as Christmas Eve turns into Christmas Day celebration. Here are some couple of post from players and their families:

Andy Robertson.

A picture of him enjoying him self in this festive season with a Christmas tree in the background.

Thiago Alcantara.

A picture spotted on Instagram shows Thiago Alcantara and family, these includes his wife and two kids celebrating the Christmas Eve.

Cristiano Ronlado.

A picture shared by Cristiano Ronaldo Instagram shows him and let’s family enjoying the festive season, that is the Christmas Eve with all four of his kids, his oldest and three other youngest.those and a few more players.

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