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Date Rush Diaries: Bernice confuses fans by dodging Wellbeck to choose Too Sweet

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Bernice flew on to the stage with various specifications of her potential man . According to the beautiful professional beautician and caterer , she was previously abused in her former relationship but she still wants love on a national television. She introduced her self as a hardworking beautician who wants a tall man due to her physical appearance. Who ever told Bernice that short men can not manage her tall body has probably misled her because she could find herself attracted to a short man without her approval . This is because love in itself is blind . A woman would end up with the exact opposite of her choice due to love . At the end, Bernice ignores "Tall " Wellbeck for a short man because she loves the guy despite his erroneous answer on stage . Wellbeck showed his class by providing strong answers using proverbs but as it is said love conquers all.

Love even makes a woman fall in love with a man without even knowing his name . We wish the Bernice and Too Sweet the very best wishes.

Giovanni Caleb and Co-host Anita were both surprised at the decision landed by Bernice . Everyone on the stage thought Wellbeck met the specifications of Bernice but none suspected that luck will elude Wellbeck . All the specifications revealed by Bernice had proven that she wanted a guy who was far taller than her to match her height and weight . On the stage , she wanted to pick both Wellbeck and Too Sweet but Giovanni Caleb would not approve that because it was not a normal thing to do.

Well , since she chose Too Sweet , we know that she has certainly found her love .

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