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My Girlfriend Has Slept With About 100 Men And Am Worried About Her Loyalty.

My girlfriend's associations with different men are concerning me. She has confessed to laying down with near 100 men previously, numerous for individual addition – including money, endowments and occasions. I was shell-stunned, less that she took part, yet that she admitted so conspicuously. I likewise realize that she has played with hitched men, getting a charge out of supper and sharing an inn bed with one of them. 

To me, as a lady who was deserted by her dad at a youthful age, she battles to deny men. She went on vacation with a female companion and returned with a renewed person's number in her telephone whom she informed now and again, and said I was in effect senseless when I got some information about him. She has no second thoughts about revealing to me that her male partners take a gander at her in a manner that recommends they're keen on her. She seems to hunger for this consideration, maybe subliminally. 

Her response to my interests is regularly outrage thus I stay away from these points, albeit inside me it is grinding. I love her and have cut all bind with past flares, so she has nothing to stress over regarding my dependability, however, this isn't responded. Do I have it out with her, or shrug and acknowledge that this is the kind of person she is?

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