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Remember The “Dada Awu” Pallbearers Who Became Famous When Corona Started: Where Are They Now?

Remember The “Dada Awu” Pallbearers Who Became Famous When Corona Started: Where Are They Now?

Corona hit Ghana when Christians were about entering the Easter season in 2020.

During the early stages of the Corona pandemic, school activities and church events were halted all of a sudden to ensure things do not get out of hands.

The emergence of hand sanitizers and nose masks also came into operation.

The word “social distancing” also become a very common word used by so many people.

The rise in Covid-19 cases led to the death of some prominent individuals within the country.

This led to congestion in various mortuaries in the country.

As a result of this, one group of individuals who became the cynosure were the Ghanaian pallbearers who were also known as “Dada Awu”.

They were a group of individuals who decided to make funerals more interesting, though the event was not something to be excited about.

They usually carried caskets and danced around with them at funerals.

They also did some kind of aerobics when handling these caskets.

The rise in the number of Covid-19 deaths gave them employment as they usually charged for their services.

Their newly found job in connection with the organization of funerals, made them more popular as they were used in funny video skits and so many online videos.

However, all of a sudden, these group of individuals have disappeared from the system and as of now, we don't hear from them anymore.

Could it be the reduction in number of Covid-19 deaths has made them unemployed?

It could also be the emergence of the imported Covid-19 vaccines have reduced the death toll which is good news for Ghanaians.

Whatever the reason may be, do you think they have found a new job or their market has been disrupted by the reduction in the number of Covid-19 deaths?

Let us know your opinion.

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