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Opinion: Her 90-Day Imprisonment will do more good to her son, others than harm (Read more)

The world is getting to a destination which is extremely dangerous than one can imagine.

A popular Ghanaian personality recently asserted that "if you are morally upright, you can't live in Ghana".

Though quite a profane statement, she is right to an extent, and on a more serious note, captures the entire scene regarding how some people live their lives in our world today.

The rich cultural values our forefathers set forth for us have been turned upside down; and we rather take delight in total embracement and application of western cultures.

Technology is an inevitable developmental vehicle which cannot be taken for granted at any point in our lives. But what wrong has technology done to us?

I remember those days in basic school where our English Teachers usually stress and worry us so much to write an argumentative essay on the topic: Science is doing more harm than good.

During those times, most people disagreed with that proposition but I think today it's the other way round; most Ghanaians are agreeing to the fact that Technology is doing more harm than good per the kind of lives we are living on both print and digital media.

Money making on social media has now turned into a devil's temple where most young women influence and lure more people there to partake in their worship and service.

The Instagram kind of life continues to hoard, host and entertain all forms of sexually related and nude contents which unfortunately put our cherished cultural values on a 'backward conveyor belt'.

The internet is now a free zone area for all ages, all genders; and one cannot even detect who is actually on the internet engaging in a particular act because of virtual reality and all kinds of deceptive attitudes consistently displayed by internet users.

In the past, we used to have some decency on our Television Screens but all these have unfortunately been wiped away and replaced by 'so called televovela series', occultic practices and all kinds of money making tricks and, gambling.

Sometimes things I personally see on TV are just disgusting, and just particularly imagine the kind of influence these are having on the younger generation.

No wonder we recently experienced teenagers in Kasoa killing a fellow teenager for money rituals.

A lot are happening on the ground, and I think this is just a top of the iceberg.

Rosemond Brown, popularly known in the entertainment arena as Akuapem Poloo has over the years displayed all kinds of semi-nude and in extreme scenarios, naked videos and photos on social media to attract more fans and traffic.

Similarly, several Instagram models continue to throw a challenge at her by either playing her role or doing worse than her.

Yet, there are no strict regulatory measures to put them on track, but however accept and embrace it all in the name of entertainment.

Something that was condemned by society some time ago has now become a crazy Social Enterprise for many Ghanaian women.

I sometimes wonder if they do it to make the devil happier or they are just preparing their way for eternal destruction because they Bible makes us understand that our body is the temple of Christ. If so, then why defile it all in the name of getting fame or making money or gaining influence or grounds on social media?

Sincerely speaking, Akuapem Poloo totally got it all wrong by displaying her nakedness in front of her son; a child who mostly learns through observation.

Children tend to learn more through what they see or hear, and as they do so, they later practise it through role play or real play.

Her son is not the only at risk but there are a lot of children she has polluted and infected on social media over the years through her lifestyle I term ' a polio type way of living'.

Sentencing her to 90 days imprisonment I think will do more good than the harm she may cause to the entire hard-earned Ghanaian cultural and entertainment environment.

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