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Squid Game: All You Need To Know About The Movie

It is true that Netflix can surprise us with new series or movies. Many of them are already in our retina waiting for a second part. But in this case it is a kind of curious experiment, transformed into a game and a series at the same time that it is called The Squid Game.

You've surely heard of him! Because it seems that nothing else is mentioned. The premiere has not left anyone indifferent, because it has different types of brushstrokes to follow a plot based on children's games , or so it seemed at first. Discover everything and more.

Broadly speaking, its theme is about 456 people. Of course, with this data we are already assailed by endless doubts, but we can solve them. Because all of them have financial problems and logically they want to get rid of all this. So, they are called to participate in a game. But not just any one, but one that will be more complicated than it seems.

Since they will have to go through about 6 games, although the competition is high and bloody confrontations may be the order of the day. Of course, the one who manages to win, then he will get a millionaire prize. Meanwhile he has a lot of dark humor.

What is the squid game?

Now that we have more idea of ​​what it really is, it doesn't hurt that we know how we can play. Some of the Korean childhood games are reflected. For example, there is one in which they have to cut out a specific shape inside a candy. Of course, although it seems easy it may not be very easy because if the candy breaks, then you will lose. On the side is the famous game of 'The red light or green light' . As we well know, a person with his back orders everyone to move or run but while the green light is on. Because if it turns red they have to remain immobile, otherwise, they will lose. But they do not lose and go to a corner, they will be killed.

Why is this series so successful?

For a few days we have not stopped hearing about the squid game. What from word of mouth we know that many reproductions already come out. But in this case, it is an option that is displacing another of the platform's series. Something that seemed unthinkable but is not so. The originality of the idea is one of the great assets but there is still more. The dilemmas of the series, the path that the participants have to choose , also makes the viewer see himself fully integrated into the production. For all this, it is quite addictive, so you will not be able to stop watching it. Perhaps with all this they are already enough features to start enjoying it. Because it seems that it is one of the recurring themes wherever we go.

Will it have a second part?

When such a spectacular series appears in our lives, it is clear that we quickly wonder if there will be second parts. In this case it is not that there is a concrete confirmation but perhaps they leave the doors quite open. This makes us ask for news in the not too distant future, just as we would like. Surely you remember the great success of The Bridgertons , which premiered last Christmas, well, the squid game is about to unseat them. Something that seemed almost impossible, already arrived. What seemed like a challenge for a person who had nothing to lose, they would. Because sometimes we focus only on the financial aspect and no, there is always something else to lose, such as life itself. Have you already seen the series?

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