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Telenovela lovers do you remember Mama Gee from Sapne and Sahune. See her recent photos.

The love Ghanaians have developed for telenovelas cannot be over emphasized. Over the years, there has been countless telenovelas on our screens and ladies in particular enjoy them alot. This article takes a look at one main character of one of such telenovelas titled Sapne and Sahune.

Alka Mogha is an actress who has recently appeared on the entertainment scene only in just the past few years but ,has done many roles for the screen.

Her classic motherly/auntie appearance make her the perfect candidate for the roles she has up to this point taken up in her acting profession.

She is best known for her appearance on Sapne Sahune in the character Seema or Mama Gee as preferred by Gunjan.

Mama Gee is Mayank's mother in the series. Her her ability to protray her mode with her facial expressions makes her a one in a generation actress. 

At first she was against her son getting married to Gunjan but later embraced the idea when she realised that, it will him happy.Mama Gee is the type of mother who is willing to do anything for child, Mayank.

Mama Gee is currently 42 years old, check out some of her recent pictures:

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