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The Problems Of Famed Actor Is The True Reflection Of Problems In The Creative Industry

No job no food no shelter and no idea where the next meal is going to come from. This was the case of popular actor Psalm Adjeteyfio. I know that a lot of us can relate to this situation and it's a very difficult and desperate situation to find oneself in. Some of us are in such a situation now and some of us have been through such a situation in the past.

Psalm Adjeteyfio, also known as T.T, (born 1948) is a veteran Ghanaian actor who has featured in movies and videos. He is best known for the lead character T.T in the Ghanaian TV series Taxi Driver

Psalm Adjeteyfio was one of the best if not the best actor in his prominent days. Watching the popular actor recount his predicament in a video, I noticed a lot of comments where people wondered where the money he may have made in the past has gone to

The reality is that people do not always find themselves in problems because they made wrong choices and did something wrong. People may set you up to fail or expect you to fail but no one sets out in life to fail or destroy himself. Life happens and people find themselves in stuff that they never bargained for. The problem with folks in the creative industry runs very deep

In the developed countries where the system is working, one good album or movie could take care of an artist for the rest of his or her life but the structures and the system here for the creative industry is non-existence so you find most creative artist struggling later in life when they are no longer active.

Leaders in the creative industry must take steps to put pressure on the political authorities to put in the necessary structures and systems to guarantee the generation of revenue for their arts and creativity

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Ghanaian Psalm Adjeteyfio T.T


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