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Meet some gospel musicians who made headlines due to controversies

Today, I present to you some popular Ghanaian gospel musicians who became the talk of the Town for controversial reasons.

We are humans and as a human, you will sometimes make a mistake. But as a gospel musician, everyone looks up to you and expect you to live a life that depict that of God and should be scandal free. There are some gospel musicians who made it to headlines not because of their songs or even good deeds but because they were involved in controversies.

Below shows some of these great gospel musicians.

Brother Sammy

Brother Sammy is one of the great gospel musicians who inspire a lot of people with his marvelous ministrations but even with that, he was involved in controversies. Sometime ago, Brother Sammy was accused of stealing other people song and also selling fake HIV medicine.

Obaapa Christy

Obaapa Christy once Christiana Love also became the talk of the Town when she and her ex-husband pastor love stormed a radio station to disgrace each other. According to Obaapa Christy, her husband was tormenting her in the marriage. She also claim Pastor Love is a fake man of God as he raped her sister who was staying with them.

Ernest Opoku

Popular ghanaian gospel musician Ernest Opoku also made it to headlines when he fornicated with popular ghanaian actress Nayas. Actress Nayas took it upon herself to disgrace Ernest Opoku. According to Nayas, Ernest Opoku used juju to acquire his fame as a great gospel musician.

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