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Old television commercials which will forever be remembered by Ghanaians

Many of the television programs we have loved all our entire life were made possible by sponsorship from other companies. These companies invested their monies in TV programs and got something in return. They literally got back the money they invested and even had much profits.

Asking yourself how they got back the money they invested in these programs, you get to realize that commercials (which are known by most Ghanaians as adverts) were made for these companies during the television shows. These commercials informed people about the essence of getting themselves attached to the companies as well as their products. This is where the companies gained back the money they invested.

This article is going to see me talk about some old television commercials which will forever stay in the hearts and minds of Ghanaians no matter what happens. These advertisements were shown on our screens on a daily basis and most of us had already memorized the words they used. You would hear us reciting whatever they were going to say during the advertisements as if we had been given a script and it was just fun.

I decided to rekindle old memories by bringing together some of these old television commercials. Kindly let me know which amongst them you liked the most in the comment section. Below are the advertisements

1. The Goodnight Mosquito Coil Advert

This commercial talked about a woman who had served her husband after he returned from work late in the evening. She had everything set until a stubborn mosquito decided to ruin the moment. This is one of the best commercials to ever be made in Ghana and I am sure most of you do remember it.

2. The Kasapa Free Call Commercial

A woman had received a call from a random person and decided to chat with her for more than an hour only to find out at the end that it was a wrong number. This advert was made more interesting after her husband's reaction when he found out that his wife had talked to a stranger for more than an hour.

3. The Tigo Ghana, Hunny Coochie Coochie Advert

This commercial is one hilarious one. A guy had received a phone call from his serious girlfriend but unfortunately, there was no strong network to make his moment ecstatic. He then decided to find a place which would help support his call only to end up on top of a palm tree. I am sure you guys already knows what happened next. He fell from the palm tree. This commercial was extremely lit.

4. The GLICO Life Insurance Commercial

You would get to watch this advert over and over again if you sat by your father while he watched TV3 news because whenever they closed, this advert showed up. It was an animated video which talked about a man who had life smiling at him till difficulties decided to set in all of a sudden. He was literally dead right after falling off a branch till GLICO life insurance decided to save him.

5. The Cargo Gin Bitters Advert

A Chinese man had gone before the father of a Ghanaian lady he wanted to marry. He father asked him to spell "So so physical sentimentality" for which he said he couldn't spell. The next question was that, he should then spell "Cargo" for which he did in less than five seconds. This advert was a very funny one.

These commercials no more exist but forever will they stay in our hearts. I am sure today's kids will never understand how dear these commercials are to us because they never witnessed them being shown on the television. Which amongst these television commercials do you think was fire and why?

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Ghanaians Goodnight Mosquito Coil Advert


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