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Woman Curses Mmaa Nkommo Show Hostess. Reveals Secrets About The Veteran Presenter

Rumours of popular Television show host Afia Ansaa Ampene vanishing from the media space was all over the internet.

The Mmaa Nkommo show hostess official Facebook saw pictures of her posted. But one post on her wall by one Yaa Asuama caught my attention.

Yaa Asuama was busily alleging that the popular show hostess has defrauded her 

According to her, Afia Ansaa Ampene used her fame as a media personality to deceive her and took some products from her.

This product, she refused to name. She explained that Afia Ansaa Ampene sold the products and refused to give her returns.

She took the matter to court but has proven futile. To her, Afia Ansaa Ampene is one wicked woman she has come across. And due to what she has done, she is cursing her and all her generation to suffer.

Her message posted to her was to curse Afia Ansaa Ampene for deceiving and defrauding her.

She wildly rained curses on the show hostess and told her that she won't say anything again.

Check out her message posted on the TV show hostess wall on Facebook.

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