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Popular TV and Radio Presenter Shares Tips to Boost Your Confidence in front of the Camera

If you are seeking to set up your own YouTube channel, venture into TV presentation or any kind of video jornalism, this article on tips to boost your confidence in front of the camera will be such a priceless boon for you. Confidence is key when it comes to communicating your knowledge and ideas with others.

Popular Citi FM broadcaster known as Jessica Opare-Saforo, popularly called Jessica OS has taken to her Youtube channel to share her six tips to boost your confidence in front of the camera. Below are the six tips she shared via a video she uploaded on her Youtube channel:

1) Forget your audience. You should not be thinking about the tens of thousands of viewers listening to and watching you from the other side of the camera. If you imagine such a number of people focusing on you, you surely will panic. Take it as talking to yourself in front of the mirror and you will be good to go.

2) Be sure you know your stuff. You must know exactly what you are talking about so as to be able to communicate it confidently and effectively with your audience. Not knowing much about what you are talking about is a sure way to lose confidence in front of the camera. There is definitely someone out there who knows more than you, so be sure to do some research and chip in some personal opinions that no one else holds.

3) Practice. There is a saying that you master what you practise for ten thousand hours. There is no short cut to perfection, but diligent practice. You can use your phone's camera to record your practice and hand the footage over to your pals to critique and offer suggestions.

4) Engage your audience. Speak to your audience like you are speaking to only one person. This creates a personal connection between you and them on individual levels. It makes every single member of your audience feel that your are addressing them personally. Do not speak like you are speaking to many people.

5) Dress the way you want to be addressed. People address you based on how you dress. Try to stay on brand all the time. Be sure to dress in a way that you want your audience to identity you and your brand with.

6) Your camera must be positioned properly. The way you position your camera speaks a lot about the information you are about to give out. If your camera is looking down on you, it makes you smaller and puts the person watching you on a superior position. When you do that you send message to them that you lack confidence. On the other hand, if you give a head-on shot, you level with your audience and that makes you appear confident.

Those six points when mastered, will help you gain confidence when you have to be infront of the camera. Kindly share this article.for others to also learn a thing or two.


Content created and supplied by: HenryArko (via Opera News )

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