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Cultural Significance Of Naming Ceremony

The ritual of organizing a naming ceremony for a child is very important in the context of Ghanaians. It is the first time the child comes in contact with his society.

1. The naming ceremony is an occasion during which the child is given an IDENTITY. Until a ceremony is organized to give a name to a baby, the child does not have a name by which it can be identified.

2. Naming ceremony is an occasion of welcoming the baby into the physical world. Until the day a child is named, it is still regarded as a spiritual being and as a result, when it dies before naming, society is not allowed to mourn.

3. It also presents an opportunity for the husband to honour the wife. During naming ceremonies in the presence of family, husbands take advantage to appreciate their wives.

4. Naming ceremony is a means of family reunion. At naming occasions, both sides of the family come together.

5. It is an occasion to showcase the fertility of couples. During naming ceremony, all people gathered get an evidence to testify the fertility level of the couples.

6. The occasion is used to ask for protection, blessings, long life, guidance into the child through the pouring of libation.

7. It is a means of imparting moral values into the child. For example, the Akan ritual of dropping alcohol and water on the tongue of baby imparts truthfulness onto the child.

Is African culture not beautiful?

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