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Date Rush: Romantic entry of Kingsley granted him a super date

Episode 11 of date rush comes with surprises as usual. Tonight's show was amazing and very fun to watch. Mostly, when the ladies are set and waiting for the man on stage, he has to come and dance his heart out as a welcome address. The guy has to greet the 10 ladies while dancing before the show begins.

Kingsley Kesse, who is half Nigerian and half Ghanaian made the show very interesting to watch. Kingsley came to the show with a very romantic demeanor. He entered with 11 flowers and romantically delivered to all the ten ladies. He gave white rose flowers to the ladies because believes that everybody deserves love. This action of his turned the ladies on as they applauded him for that.

As if that was not enough, the DJ played his very own song so as he was distributing the flowers, he was singing the song along. Kingsley is truly a darling and there was no two ways about that. After giving the white roses to the ladies, he reserve the red rose to be presented to the lady he will choose for a date. This means Kingsley was super confidence that, he will get a date tonight.

Lo and behold, after his three videos were played, he was able to win the hearts of five ladies which he is permitted to choose only one. He then chose Ellen which all indicators show that, they were connected. The most interesting thing is that, Kingsley is a singer while Ellen is a singer too. A greet combination indeed. After choosing Ellen, she sung for him and Kingsley also sung for her as well. Kingsley gave her the red rose in addition with a nice Teddy bear. Kingsley has taken the dating show to a whole new level. Congrats to them as the go and enjoy their romantic date.

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