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Ghanaians Have Beautiful Culture. You Will Definitely Fall In Love With These "Ewe" Surnames

Surnames developed as a way to categorize people by profession, place of birth, clan association, patronage, parentage, adoption, and even physical characteristics in the past. The 'Ewe' people are found all over Ghana, but their homeland is the Volta Region.

There is difficulty in explaining certain Ewe surnames in English because most of the surnames are appellations which make them difficult to explain. 

However, we can have literal meaning as follows:

1. Amenyo — Human is good

2. Ametefe — Replacement (a son whose father died before his birth).

3. Amewu/Amewuga — Human is more precious than money. 

4. Domenyo — Kindness or Kind hearted. 

5. Dzorgbenyui — Good luck. 

6. Ganyo — Money is good

7. Mawuenyega — God is greatest

8. Ametame — No one knows what the other thinks.  

9. Sevor— Bad law.  

11. Fiadzo— The king is gone. 

12 Fiagbor— The king has arrived. 

13. Hoenyame — Money rules. 

14. Dugah— Big city. 

15. Dunya — Issues of the town. 

16. Kuzagbe — The day of death/departure. 

17. Gbekor — Crack the hills.  

18. Golomeke — Sand in the bag. 

19. Seshie — No more laws.

20. Xebidzi — Angry bird. 

21. Amegayibor — The big dark man. 

22. Ahiador— Doomed love. 

23. Amevor — Extinction in the family. 

24. Agbavitor— Small scale business owner. 

25. Amekudzi — Angry man.  

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