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TOUCHING: Woman Without Legs, Is a Gospel Singer. PICS

Many believers are aware that, Christians are required to worship their maker and God, but few rarely do this genuinely. At church services we all patronize rarely do you find many dancing their hearts out and vocally praising God, but same cannot be said about parties and night clubs, as actively, many participate fully.

It is on this note that, if someone without a fully functional leg is seen praising God, that is an inspiring story by all standards, as in a video that has since gone viral on Instagram, found here, Onyameba Betty (@onyameba_betty) • Instagram photos and videos, a lady without functional legs literally, is seen praising God.

The lady named Onyameba Betty may well be a budding gospel artist and already, she has a vibrant Instagram page with thousands following her and she has severally acknowledged Award winning Ghanaian International Gospel artist, Sonnie Badu, who has severally shared her videos and may have been supporting her financially as well.

It looks like she was born like this without the functional legs, but a quick search on her indicates that, she had suffered from a fatal accident and hence, she used to be very normal and could walk about freely, until she was involved in the motor accident and had to sadly loose her legs.

In a post she shared last year, she wrote that, "Accident Did Not Win(9 Years Living Without Legs)....... From every trials in life there is a wound, from every wound there is a scar and every scar there is a story. Any time I look at it, I remember it's never going to fade and I don't want it to fade because I am a miracle. Never be ashamed of your scars because you will become a living testimony tomorrow, you can be the answer to somebody's prayer, you will inspire people, you will brighten somebody's day and you can draw people closer to God. Never give up, you will tell your story one day. It is well. My Story....... Be inspired"

This means that, she has been without legs for a decade this year and though I cannot tell if she was ministering in songs before her accident, I can say that, she has been very active in the music ministry for over 5years now. From her pictures uploaded online, she has caught the eyes of well known Gospel artists such as Great Ampong, Brother Sammy, amongst others and have enjoyed performing on the same stage with these great musicians.

Whereas she has a wheelchair and sometimes performs in them, she has been seen in several other videos, where she performs, literally sitting on the floor. In fact, it was this video that went viral and attracted Sonnie Badu's friendship and support eventually.

Even though she may not yet be a household name, she is grateful to God for the opportunity to use her soothing voice to lead God's people into places of worship and praise and she finds that joy and fulfilment, in pursuing her life's purpose with or without her legs.

Her Instagram page has ben one inspirational one, as she uses her social media platform to encourage many that, no matter what they may be going through, all things can indeed work out for their favour and no body should give up in life and on God, as with God, all things are possible indeed. Personally, one can see that, she is doing well, as she can be seen to own a car and has been getting calls largely to perform at top Gospel events.

Even during the just ended International Women's Day, she got an invite by KNUST alongside leading personalities such as Otiko Djaba, where she shared her story and encouraged the hearts of many undergraduate and postgraduate students, as well as lecturers who were present at the well attended event.

If you are reading this, there is hope. Notwithstanding whatever you may have lost or do not have or any challenge you are going through, all that may well matter is your response to it. In this case, she could have been bitter about God and life, she may have chosen the path of sadness and regret as to why, she went out that day, to be involved in an accident, but here she is, full of life, hope and beauty and purpose and from this trajectory of life where she is an inspiration to many, she will surely be going higher and higher, as she is inspiring many others unto greatness also. SO ALWAYS REMEMBER THIS, "it is well always" EVEN BEFORE IT GETS WELL!

You are born to be a success and it will surely come to pass! God dey, He wont shame you and I, Only BELIEVE!!!!

Content created and supplied by: TommyO'Dell (via Opera News )

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