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Once more, Afia Schwar attacks Delay viciously.

Afia Schwar, a well-known media personality, has once again attacked Delay in a new video that has been seen on her Instagram page.

After sparring with Delay on the internet just a few months ago, it appears that Afia Schwar has refused to let their animosity fade away.

Watch it here-

Afia Schwar accused Delay of smearing her with subtle jabs and shading whenever she has the chance in this most recent vicious attack.

Which she considers to be quite unfair because she has been silent over their long-running dispute for some time in an effort to maintain peace and allow the past to be the past, but it is obvious Delay is prepared to battle her for the nth time.

Savage Afia Schwar, known for her dragon mouth and pepper lips, showered Delay with insults after complaining about how the TV program host had been continually harassing her from behind.

If Delay is the tough lady she claims to be, she should quit being a coward and dare to use Afia Schwar's name in her indirect attacks.

Delay was made to cry on live radio a few months ago after Afia Schwar made fun of her infertility, and she vowed to do it again.

Afia Schwar mocked Delay as she gave birth, saying that's what really matters in life and not her never-ending internet gimmicks, as she concluded her ferocious attack on Delay.

Social media users who have seen this video from Afia Schwar's side have criticized her for acting young while being 40 years old.

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