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Check out the most embarrassing moments of Nicki Minaj which she wishes her fans could forget.

There has been a lot of moments I'm celebrities' life they wish fans could just forget it ever happened. Well people never seem to forget these moments especially when it's that of a big celeb.

Talking about big celebrities, how could we forget about Nicki Minaj? She has also had her time, I bet she still thinks of them.

Today I give you the most embarrassing moments of Nicki Minaj which she wish fans could just forget.

1. Nicki Minaj appeared on the "Good Morning America" concert series wearing a loose halter top that she occasionally had to adjust. As Minaj sang "Where Dem Girls At" some slips made one of her nipples fleetingly visible.

Well if you want to see the uncensored pictures, they are all over the internet or you could check out my latest post, it's all clearly posted.

2. Moving on, social media users accused Nicki o having a fake behind. Why? There was something mesmerizing about Nicki's butt when she sat on a chair while performing but something didn't sit quite well about her butt.

Some fans who took a long and good look are saying the singer's behind isn't exactly what it seems. Instead, they claimed that Nicki had had a surgery on her derriere to achieve it's glorious posture.

Well here you have it. It is your decision to judge. You think it's real?

3. This time, Nicki Minaj put on a sexy and electrifying display as she performed at the BET Awards in Los Angeles. She stepped out in a black robe on top a racy and latex ensemble that flaunted her ample cleavage. She rocked the cleavage outfit with matching thing-high boots.

Zoom in and you may get the point I'm trying to make here.

4. Another wardrobe malfunction Nicki Minaj faced was the moment she was performing at the Made in America festival in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Queen rapper accidentally flashed the crowd when her tiny valvet costume spread open to reveal nearly all of her full chest.

There you have it. Make sure to follow this channel so you don't miss out on part 2 because it's going to be crazy! Please like , share and leave a comments in the comments section.

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