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I don't wish this experience for any woman because you can be tempted to commit suicide - Patapaa Ex

Ex-girlfriend of Patapaa, Queen Peezy also known as Lady Blue's relationship break up turned out to be a surprise to most Ghanaians who are lovers of the musician's style of music. Queen Peezy had several interviews at the time to confirm the break up. 

Queen also lamented on the fact that she tried committing suicide at a point because she couldn't face the disappointment her relationship with Patapaa has brought to her.

In an interview on Entertainment Wahala with AB General on Atinka TV, Queen Peezy revealed how she has been able to recover from the heartbreak so quickly and has decided to move on with her life and endeavors. 

"Well, Patapaa is not a bad person at all. He is kind, caring and loving but for him to go after another woman, I will say that it's a choice he has made."

"Again, the relationship heartbreak from Patapaa is an experience I will never want to go through ever again. In fact, I don't wish this experience for any woman because you can be tempted to commit suicide.

Imagine you dating a famous celebrity of which everyone is aware and the next minute, you get to know that the celebrity is getting married to another person and the news is all over social media."

"You won't be able to go out even to certain places you use to go because people might ask you about your relationship with the celebrity or even mock you in the process but I thank God for the fact that, legendary Sony Achiba came to my rescue at a time of my life where I thought all hope was lost."

"I didn't know I could do music until he encouraged me to give it a try and it worked like magic. So far, we have been able to record 9 songs already. And as a matter of fact, our very first song, 'Obroni Pete' is doing so well at the moment with mind blowing responses.

The music I found myself in healed my heartbreak quickly because instead of me wallowing in pain because of a break up, I have engineered my energy into the music."

"I am also grateful to Patapaa for the heartbreak because it has helped me to engineer my energy into something better."

Finally, as part of her heartbreak, she has recorded a song, 'Obroni Pete' which is directed to Patapaa dumping her for another woman. 

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