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Marvel Studios Have Done It Again- You Should Watch This Movie

When It is comes to the making of superhero movies or say Science fiction movies, "Marvel" is arguably the best. Talk of certain superheroes from the Marvel camp like Spiderman, Ironman and Captain America and you realise they really are great at what they do. Their visual effects are just something to behold, you are totally drawn into their movies as if it were something that happened or is happening in reality. Marvel's recent addition to their tons of splendid works happens to be one in which Scarlett Johansson stars. You have already seen her in "The Avengers" series and what a good fighter she is. Now, you should know Marvel intended creating a movie just for her like they have done for other superheroes under their patent. A movie entitled "Black Widow" the name of the character she's played in "The Avengers" series. The movie portrays how Scarlett Johansson together with other young female infants were being abducted and trained to become "Widows"_ a term given to specially trained females whom the antagonist in the movie used in his ruthless operations. Scarlett who managed to leave the grips of Dreykov( The Antagonist) faces a challenge of putting an end to all the inhumane operations of Dreykov. In doing that she would need the help of someone whom she took as a sister but in reality was just another of the girls abducted to become "widows" . You shouldn't wait at all for a friend to tell you how mind-blowing " Black Widow" is_ go grab it now!

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