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These are some of the key Suggestions of some Relationship experts on Date Rush.

For those who don't know what Date rush is all about, it is a reality TV show which is aired by TV3 every Sunday.

After Four Successful seasons ,show has improved over the seasons considering how it started and how it's going. It was formerly hosted by Nii Kpakpo Thomson but during the season four, Giovanni Caleb took over, Giovanni came under criticism before the start of the current season over viewers idea of him not capable of making the show interesting , but surprisingly, he rose above all that and put his critics to shame , making this season one of the most interesting and the most followed.

After the Reunion, which recently took place, there were a lots of mixed reactions about the show as a whole, the seriousness of the contestants etc. One of the major and core issues raised was the issue of money. It seemed to many, considering how most of the ladies behaved that, most of them were there purposely to get guys they can get money from. Few of the relationship experts and counselors we have in the country have shared their views . Bellow are some of their key suggestions and what they think about the show.

1. Explaining to the contestants what the show is really about , One of the key suggestions was the need for the organisers of the show to educate the contestants on the show . Fact in most of them have different ideas about the show , making their motives for participating different.

2. Putting the Ladies to Order: If you followed this season very well, you'll realize there were lots of episodes where the ladies go over the bar with how they behaved with most of the guys that came on, it's important to put them to order, and tell to be reasonable with some of the questions they ask.

3. If any lady turns her rush of, there shouldn't be any circumstances where a guy should be allowed to turn it on.

4. Taking them through counseling sessions on relationship is also important, most of the contestants needs guidance and counseling on relationship to understand the fact that how their previous relationship was is not how every relationship looks like.

5. Since this is an opportunity , they should be given the space to promote their business, products etc if any, as a means of empowering them.

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