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Chairman Where Is Your Food? Are you Fasting Or You Are A Vegetarian?- Fans React After Seeing This

Social Media, especially Facebook and Twitter is currently on fire as numerous fans are commenting and expressing their sadness for a particular young man, who is seen in a restaurant sitting with two other ladies.

This young gentleman was seen having a nice time with two pretty ladies in a restaurant, but one unfortunate thing that was pictured was that, whiles these two young women were seriously eating and enjoying themselves, the young gentleman's hands were folded and there was no plate of food infront of him, insinuating that he could not order anything for himself.

Also his look and the way he was quiet has created a lot of misconception in the head of fans on Facebook and other social media platforms and has got many of them talking.

A particular fan on Facebook could not hide his cool on this but went ahead to give him a name and asked several questions about the picture.

He said, "guys in this group let's pray for chairman". In his subsequent writings he also asked, "Chairman na where is ur food?... U dey do fasting?.. Or u be vegetarian? Kindly develop some tactics and run".

And this also made several fans on Facebook to give their comment, one said, " stop dating hungry girls you won't listen". Below are some of the comments people gave after seeing the picture on Facebook.

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