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TV3 Date Rush : How Precious and Curtis finally got their dates

Date Rush on TV3 remains a highly watched show .

The host , Giovanni Caleb asked a very intriguing question :How do you feel when others find your partner attractive? Almost all the ladies on the show admitted that they will be jealous when others find their boyfriends attractive.

On date rush , fans were extremely joyous because Precious finally got a date.

Precious said she has no reason for liking her date . She likes his business idea and the way he speaks wisdom. Giovanni Caleb mentioned that he will be waiting for the wedding invite from Precious and the date . 

Precious' date had explained that he is a divorcee and had some mental issues when the wife cheated on him. When he was pushed to the wall, he explained that he has one child and he hopes that does not turn off the ladies from him. He exclaimed that he almost died and by the Grace of God , he got saved by embarking on several travels . 

Precious' date also explained that he is a make up artiste and an Uber driver. This guy can talk . He was able to reveal that he is an Uber driver who does not have his own car , yet he convinced the ladies to fall in love with him because he has some surprises for the one who he will date . Such a great guy - he is so eloquent.

When Precious got grabbed , Gifty Pamela was brought on board . TV3 Date Rush gave the ladies the chance to win a new guy , Enoch Dickson and what followed was awesome .

Gifty Pamela also said she wants "a bearded guy and does not like a guy who is not too slumber and he should be a touch of Andy Dosty''. She is the only one who knows what she wants and her terms are not understandable .

Another lady on the show, Hellen actually laughed at Enoch's shoe size that it looks like size 38 instead of size 40.

The second gentleman on the show, Enoch Dickson said he comes from Breman Essikuma and he is a laboratory technician. He said that he left his ex-girl friend because she was always cheating . Enoch can really dance well .

One lady on the show known as Linda ,also asked why Enoch said he does not like where ladies are . Enoch explained that he is there for only one lady . Linda explained that she does not like Enoch because he is a shy and tiny guy .

Enoch further described himself as an artiste DJ and he is okay with any kind of girl who is responsible and caring . Most of the ladies switched off their rush because they find the guy too reserved and smallish and they do not understand why the Enoch used to check the phone of his ex-girl friend .

Date rush ladies on the night looked so beautiful and Enoch's obligation was to convince the ladies to get the best choice . Enoch proved that he has so much potentials by revealing that he desires to employ his unemployed friends in the future when he builds his own medical laboratory.

Giovanni has a way he makes the ladies fall in love with the date rush guys . It was so beautiful that Curtis got Enoch kind courtesy Giovanni Caleb . Curtis said she wanted Enoch because he has proven that he respects women .This is a beautiful match !

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