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What This Lady Did At Her Sister's Burial Did Not Go Down With People

A viral picture of a lady and her friend has been circulating on social media lately after the lady picture of herself near the grave of her sister just before she's laid to rest.

The caption on the picture read; at my sister's burial, so sad, and many people have lambasted her for posting such a picture on social media.

The cause of her sister's death was not mentioned by the lady, but she seems not to be bothered as she can be seen in the picture smiling while the coffin of her sister is been laid bear behind her.

Many people expressed their distraught at how she had the mind to take pictures while everyone is grieving, along with her friend, they are on grin mode.

It could be that she was trying to show her strength that she had already moved on from the tragedy, but timing and place of the picture is certainly not a good one.

One needs to show some respect to the dead, most especially at the burial, moving on or not, some behaviours at such a gathering is totally not acceptable, and this one is part of them.

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