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Guardian Angel Talisman To Protect You.

We all need protection, because the risks we run every day are numerous: illnesses, accidents, physical or verbal violence, aggression, etc. Anyone can go there! But we can protect by asking our guardian angel to create a protective mantle around us through prayer. However, we fail to pray all the time to ask for protection, but we can have our angel's protection with us, all the time, through a guardian angel talisman . It is very easy to do.



A sheet of paper (blank - never used).

Pencil or pen.

A verse corresponding to your angel.

A red silk bag.

Of incense for your angel.


If you don't know your angel, do your research to find out, to find the perfect verse and incense that will bring you closer to him. Then write the verse on the sheet of paper, fold it into 4 pieces and put it inside the red silk bag. You can close the bag with a ribbon or sew it. Then burn the incense and hold the bag so that the smoke from the incense can enter it.


“In the name of the Almighty, creator of Heaven and Earth, in the name of the Angel Rafael in the name of the Angel (the name of your angel) and all the princes and seraphim; in the name of Adrion, God who heals and holds in his hands generations of the heavens and the earth, grant me success, I who write this amulet (your full name), may it protect the two hundred and forty-eight limbs of my body. May this talisman preserve me from captivity and the piercing sword, help me, give me success and save me from evil, evil tongues, invincible adversaries, from all those who rise up against me to harm in their acts, their omissions, their machinations. Grant me the grace, the benevolence of his Divine Throne, in the sight of all creatures of good fortune. Amen! "

Here ! You have prepared your Guardian Angel Talisman. You just have to keep it always with you, preferably in contact with the body, in a bag, in your pocket, for example. Whenever you feel threatened, hold your talisman in your left hand and repeat your angel's name out loud 3 times, then make the sign of the cross with your right hand.

Warning: Your Guardian Angel Talisman has no expiration date, it will not stop working, as long as you have faith in its protective power. However, if the paper comes undone inside the bag, we recommend that you remake the talisman. You can reuse the same bag.

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