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Michael Jackson's Former Bodyguard Finally Tells The Truth Behind Singer's Molestation Allegations

The late King of Pop, Michael Jackson's bodyguard Matt Fidesz, who was in charge of the singer's safety, finally exposed his role while working for the superstar as well as allegations of child abuse in front of the singer.

Matt Fiddes reveals the truth behind his "secret nursery" rumors. The bodyguard, who was tasked with caring for the late pop king before his death in 2009, broke his silence on allegations of child abuse that have haunted the singer throughout his musical career.


Keep in mind that Michael Jackson has experienced several incidents of child abuse, the most notable of which was in the 2019 documentary Leaving Neverland: Michael Jackson and Me. However, his fans were outraged by the reports at the time, and his family vehemently denied the accusations. To prove it, Michael was charged with child abuse in 2005 but found not guilty and acquitted.

Talking on podcasts; Scott McGlyn's 2020 show Matt Fidesz, who is currently a celebrity entrepreneur and personal trainer, revealed allegations that Michael had a secret nursery in his home. He told TV host Scott McGlynn that critics tried to portray the media that Michael Jackson had built a secret nursery, but didn't. He revealed that the room was there when the singer bought the house, it was a panic room.


(Interview with Matt Fidesz about Michael Part Jackson's life)

According to Matt; "Michael is a multi-billionaire and it's perfectly normal for him to have a panic room. A place where he would normally be distracted and have fun for a few days before things get resolved."

"Several times people used parachutes to set alarms around the house and Neverland staff sent him into the panic room."

“In a true sense, this is not a secret room, this is a room for panic, but the belief that people will always make the most ridiculous assumptions. It's a shame that these insanely baseless claims have tarnished his reputation. "

Matt also opened Leaving Neverland with two of Michael's former friends, Wade Robson and James Saifchuk, both of whom claimed to have been abused by the pop singer. The timing was definitely right for them, but the part they missed in the controversial documentary was that they were suing Michael Jackson for hundreds of millions of dollars.

"If they put that part in a documentary, people might have a different view and change their TV channel. That is a very important part of the whole statement. After they tried, they failed, they appealed that it failed and I decided to make TV documentary!"


"It's annoying that MJ is no longer here to defend these allegations alone, so I'm nervous."

"People always find a way to make money, then Michael has over 1,000 cases, and some have to meet him in person. Whatever it takes, it's all good."

"It's funny that parents want 10 minutes longer in some of these processes. Not for the kids, but for their desperate parents."

When asked about Michael Jackson's sexuality, Matt Fiddes said the late star married two of the women in his life, Lisa Marie Presley from 1994 to 1996 and Debbie Rowe from 1996 to 1999.

Although many people believe that the father of three is gay, he has always wanted to advertise that he is not married, not wanting to mislead his fans and record companies, who want this part of him to remain a mystery to people.

When asked what Michael thought of media reports revealing the music star's private life today, he said MJ didn't want him to answer whatever he was accused of. Because he has the attitude of "always ignoring him, it doesn't deserve my attention" and if he shows up at some point it only adds to the problem.

Finally, Matt Fidesz revealed that MJ would always advise them to "ignore it and not comment".

Interestingly, Matt also revealed that fans will soon be able to hear Michael Jackson's unreleased music. He also revealed that several new albums would be released and it would be a biopic, a bit like Freddie Mercury's.

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