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Why Ghanaians are divided over DKB's tweet on Nicole Thea's death - Opinion

Ghanaian netizens are sharply divided over DKB's tweet about the sudden and unfortunate demise of popular YouTube vlogger Nicole Thea who was confirmed dead today 13th July, 2020.

In his tweet, Derick Kobina Bonney (DKB) rebuked the social media influencer and vlogger Nicole Thea in his condolence blaming her death to her disregard for privacy for displaying everything on social media including her naked pregnancy photos. He tweeted, 'You display pregnancy so much, you think principalities and witches will not attack you? RIP dear, other girls will learn your lesson. There are spiritual forces roaming and looking for victim'.

Many Ghanaians didn't take his tweet lightly and attacked the renowned comedian for being insensitive towards the demise of the popular vlogger. Some felt, he could have saved his advice for another time since netizens were mourning.

On another platform, Ghanaians were applauding the renowned comedian for being plain and blunt. They advised him to disregard negative comments from netizens since only unwise people will disregard his wise counsel. To this group, Ghanaians really hated the truth and disliked any person who speaks the truth. Some netizens conceded and applauded DKB for his boldness since it was high time somebody spoke sense into the heads of these socialites who have no regard for privacy.

Many celebrities are known to post pictures of their daily activities on social media. This trend is well embraced by netizens. From posting birthday celebrations, dining, travelling, vacations, etc,etc, this trend has mixed reactions from Ghanaians. Some people feel that posting on social media reveal so much about you hence giving witches and principalities information about you which will attract them to attack you. Others feel it is just a lifestyle and superstition should be disregarded. This introduces to set of people; those who are superstitious and those who are carefree with disregard for superstition. The superstitious feel that they must do a lot to prevent attacks from witches and principalities for which they believe that posting pictures about yourself and family, give the so called powers opportunity to attack you. Do they mean when you don't post on social media, demons will not attack you? Or do they mean the attention of these witches are drawn towards you when they see your progress?

Read some of the comments and reactions below;


On the west coast, people were full of praises for DKB. Check out some of their comments

In my opinion, DKB's tweet reveals the types of people we have in Ghana. In everything you do, every decision you take, or whatever action you take, you should expect reactions from opposing angles. Some will be pleased with you and praise you. There will be another set of people who will disagree with with you, criticize and condemn you. This means you should focus on what you love doing that will give you joy. You should be concerned about your happiness and joy, but be ready to face any consequence that comes with your action or inaction. If what you do does not break the laws of the country, then feel free to do it, after all, you can never please every body. Remember, as there are some people to criticize and condemn you, there are people who will also applaud and defend you.

Nicole Thea was a dancer and social media influencer. She was a Ghanaian resident in London. She was 24 years old and eight months pregnant with her partner Boga.They had already named their unborn child Reign. She developed a habit of keeping her fans up-to-date on her pregnancy, regularly posting videos on her YouTube channel and Instagram page. The cause of her death is yet unknown.

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