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A Time Traveler Reveals The Date Of World War 3, it's Closer Than You Think

A time traveler recently released a key item on his Tik Tok account: the World War III date. Are we soon to experience a world war while we are living in a health crisis?

He teases this revelation in a short clip: “I've been asked when World War III will take place. I will answer the question today ". He then reveals: “Unlike the two previous world wars, the third world war was not a 'total war' but rather a war of precision."

Time traveler reveals date of WW3

Out of nowhere, this time traveler from the year 2582 is creating a buzz on the Tik Tok app. Known under the nickname "timetraveler22582", the user shares many messages about our future. Very followed, each of his announcements is a hit, including the video where he reveals the date of the 3rd world war (which unfortunately takes place if we are to believe his statements).

The revelations of the time traveler

The time traveler continues his explanation with many details. World War III will be triggered by "the attack on the US orbital defense network and subsequent declarations of war."

According to him, this war will begin in 2048 "but the world war would generally have started on Thanksgiving Day, 2051".

The 30-second video was widely waited for by subscribers and received no less than 470,000 times. Some network members are worried about it: "Will Canada please be all right?" Do we have a way to survive?" Others plan to return to their residence or to build a shelter.

Do you think the date set by the time traveller will come to pass? your opinion on this matter is important to us

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