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Road Accident

" I will tell the truth about what accident that happened at Ho" -Kwadwo Dickson.

We will tell them the truth about the accident that occurred in Ho. I know John Dramani Mahama is innocent. He only gave a help and all those spreading false allegations against him must stop as soon as possible." - Kwadwo Dickson stated.

It was a very good atmosphere this evening as Kwadwo Dickson and his co-presenter Obasimaa Serwaa Akoto narrates various issues that occurred over the week. It was then that dived into the recent incident that occurred in Volta Region Ho as John Dramani Mahama was spotted helping two men who had accident.

The latest allegation against the former president is that his convoy or entrouage hit those people. However Kwadwo Dickson have differ on divert all those allegations against the former president as he assure Ghanaians they are going to tell them the truth by tomorrow since the case in still under investigation.

"Am very sure our former president's entrouage did not hit those guys, he was just doing the work of a good samaritan. A person sacrifice his time to save souls and yet Ghanaians are saying he knocked them down. To me it is not true. It only the work of a good samaritan he did. However the case is till under investigation and the truth which will accompany the innocent of John Dramani Mahama will soon be own. We will tell them(Ghanaians) the true when the investigation is over". - Kwadwo Dickson promise Ghanaians.

The words of Obasimaa Serwaa Akoto is also not far from what Kwadwo Dickson said. According to her, it is all about helping hand and they did not harm the people themselves. Yet the investigation that is going on in Volta Region will prove if they are guilty or not and they will tell Ghanaians all the out whether the Former president is innocent or guilty.

The Siso Bio evening show or weekend show was live on Angel TV this evening and you can use the link to watch the various Headlines that was discussed by Kwadwo Dickson and Obasimaa Serwaa Akoto.

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