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Mothers Must Take Care Of Their Children Before Sending Them To School To Avoid Such Cases(Opinion)

Just watch the video of a caregiver by name Clara Ayani Ampah at Happy Bloomers School at Agboba in Accra who allegedly fed a 11 months old child, Allegra Yaba Ackaah Mensah on 18th May 2021 leading to her death. The little girl was pronounced dead by the North Legon Hospital. Taking care of children is a calling. Most have seen some biological parent maltreat their own children so nothing surprises anymore.

So many people including biological relations maltreat kids. So many people don’t have the patience for kids. If you are a parent a mother especially you will agree with me that, parenting is not an easy task. It takes Gods grace and so much of a big heart to deal with kids. So imagine someone who didn’t carry the baby for in her womb, just imagine how insensitive. When I see people who haven’t given birth yet or have a child/ children molest children I quiver.

What kind of anger or hate that comes into the mind of some people dealing with children or babies? Even if you are to pay back a wrong the mother had done to you, isn't the baby's cry different from the mother? And why will a baby even pay for her parents crime? 

Is it wickedness or a mere hatred in the heart of some people. Let's be careful the people we entrust our children and grandchildren into their care.

It could even be a close relation. I have seen some close relations treat their own relatives child/ children in a very terrible way but a caregiver can do very good in the same case and vice versa.

You can watch the full video here.

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