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This Tuesday's update (Chasing My Heart)

The Episode starts with Naina aphorism that child will repentance to rebuff to you. He nail clippings call. She thinks perhaps a big name came, I will term later. He sees Sanjana and says you here. He recalls Dadi beating him.

Sanjana says it was my misstep that you had to try every single one that, sorry, you are a fair person, I was drunk and felt you are tiresome on me, we girls carry out sixth sensation and I did that for my safety, I m in actuality sorry, bottle we make up a new surprise friends.

He thinks, she asks will you not consult to me by a lone incident, I don’t need to drop a obedient friend. He shakes hands. She sneezes. He says bless you and smiles. She says repentant and goes.

Chanchal asks Naina did you acquire ready, swerve preserve reach anytime to use you, why get something done you turn into bahenji like this, wait, you are departure on rendezvous with Veer, not on satsang, put on incredible good, one part of the pack or passing dresses, I declare jeans too, wear down anything.

Rajeev comes and hears them. Chanchal says while I met Rajeev before marriage, I second-hand to dress in petite clothes. Rajeev asks her to plug it. Naina smiles. Chanchal asks him to go. Chanchal says girls respect guys in rule by beauty, you will hear this and stay go around on fingers, you will put on pardon? I decide. She chooses a dress for Naina.

Veer and Raghav be as long as to make somebody's acquaintance Naina. Naina comes downstairs sporting a little dress. change direction sees her and asks Raghav to go, I neediness privacy. go around greetings Naina’s looks.


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